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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file that allows you to identify yourself as a visitor to a website. The cookie is stored in the means of communication (for example, smartphone, tablet or computer) that you use to make the website recognize you the next time you visit it. So-called session cookies are deleted if you have been inactive for some time. Each time you visit a site where you once received a cookie, your browser will automatically send it to it. The cookie makes your computer recognized. This way, you save time while browsing.

Your consent to receiving cookies

By visiting this site you agree to receive cookies from our website. But also because the means of communication that you use is set in such a way that cookies are allowed, you agree to receive cookies from our website.


Opting out of cookies

You have the opportunity to opt out of receiving cookies from our website and you also have the opportunity to withdraw a consent to accept cookies. You do this by changing the settings in your communication means so that this no longer allows cookies. How you do this depends on the means of communication you use. If you use:

• Smartphone normally changes the settings of the phone browser

• Reading plate you normally change the settings in the operating system

• In your computer, you can change the settings of your browser.


Information we collect about you

When you contact us or visit our site, we may automatically collect information about you. When you visit our site, we may collect the following personal information:

• Information on how to interact with us, for example, how to use our services, including response time for pages, download errors, how you reached and left the service.

• Information about your computer or mobile device, such as IP address, language settings, browser settings, time zone, operating system, platform and screen resolution.

About GDPR

From May 25, 2018, the new Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies. GDPR replaces the existing Personal Data Act (PUL) and applies to all EU countries.


Description of GDPR

GDPR has been developed to protect you as a customer and your rights regarding the handling and distribution of your personal data. The idea is that you, as our guest, should feel confident that your registered information is not used improperly.


What is a personal information?

A personal information is data that somehow identify you as a person. Ie name, address, telephone, mail etc. Non-personal information about bookings, sales and activities is not included as this is counted as business secrets and in many cases is covered by accounting rules and accounting requirements.


Who is the person responsible for personal data?

Karlsborg Rum och Frukost has overall personal data responsibility, is responsible and determines the purposes for handling, obtaining and using the personal data that you provide to us.


How do we store your personal information?

If you do not want to be in our register with eg. your e-mail address, postal address or telephone number just say so we will delete your information after your visit. If you have booked your stay online via a third party, all your information will be automatically deleted 120 days after your departure. We do not store any credit card information and do not collect such sensitive information (ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs etc.).


What happens at a personal data incident?

If a data breach occurs or if an accidental loss of personal information occurs, we will document this and report this to the Data Inspection within 72 hours.


Do you want to know what information we have about you?

If you have booked a stay with us, you have the right to see the information stored about you. We note some things in order to give you an optimal hotel and restaurant experience, for example. any allergies, if you are a vegetarian or if you have a dog with you or how many times you have been with us. Want to know which one information we have about you, please send us an email at

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