About us and the farm

Karlsborg bed and breakfast is situated in an old traditional farmhouse typical for the south parts of Sweden. The oldest parts is from 1870 and our guesthouse is situated in the old stable.
We who lives on Karlsborg are Adam & Jane Molin. We bought the house in July 2006. The Karlsborg B&B had already been in business for turists two years before we took over the farm.
We love the country lifestyle and don’t mind sharing our heaven on earth. Karlsborg have a wonderful garden with a pond and a big herb garden. The flowers is uncountable and the view from the house and garden is a endless landscape typical for the southern region of Sweden. The garden is also full of small getaways wear you can sit and just relax.

The farm is also a home for two Norwegian forestcats. If somebody sneaks up on you with a delightful purr its just Rocky or Sussie saying

The Guesthouse

All the rooms are in various sizes and every room has its own character.
In the guest house you also find a big shared living room, dining aria and a small kitchen.. In the shared living room you find board games, toys, movies and a big window were you can sit and look over the garden.
In the kitchen you find all you need to prepare simpler meals. We have a self matinees policy in the guesthouse kitchen so it´s important for everybody´s comfort that all our guests clean up the kitchen after using it. We have a shared bathroom and a no smoking inside policy.

On you’re way to Bornholm?

Karlsborg bed and breakfast is placed very strategicly if you are on your way to Bornholm. Only a kilometer from the E65 and less than 20 minutes more to go you can sleep well, eat good and leave in good time to catch the ferries. We adjust the breakfasttime after the ferry timetable if thats required. For more information about Bornholm and the Bornholm ferries visit Bornholm-Ferries.